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ACTUAL CASH VALUE:  The amount paid for property damage losses, usually equal to the cost of replacing the damaged vehicle, minus depreciation for wear and tear. ANTI-THEFT DEVICE:  A device, either active or passive, that attempts to prevent vehicle theft.  A passive device is one that turns on automatically.  An active device is one that […]

Gap Coverage

One of the most memorable days for a vehicle owner is the day they acquire a brand new vehicle. Unfortunately, when a total loss to that vehicle happens it’s often not one of the greatest days, but a day filled with problems, namely a lack of funds to cover the loss. Many vehicle owners face […]

Helmet Law and Insurance Coverage

Helmet Law and Insurance Coverage The 2000 legislative session resulted in legislation passing which exempts certain motorcycle riders from wearing a helmet, effective July 1, 2000. With passage of the bill Florida becomes the 30th state to allow the operation of a motorcycle without a helmet. The actual statutory language states: 316.211 (b) Notwithstanding subsection […]